Lee Ann Hitchman Recognized as Certified Care Manager/Advanced…

Los Angeles professional fiduciary

Hitchman Fiduciaries is happy to announce Lee Ann Hitchman, Founder and Senior Partner, has been certified as a member of the Aging Life Care Association® (ALCA) at the Advanced Professional level.

Lee Ann successfully has met all the requirements and qualifications presented by the ACLA, including experience with working in care management and earning qualifying degrees. ALCA members also hold at least one of the four certifications provided by three certifying bodies including NACCM, CCMC, and NASW, apart from work experience and education requirements.

Diverse career opportunities and life experience have equipped Lee Ann with the necessary skills required to deal with the specialized requirements of trust administration and care management. Lee Ann and her diverse team have established a culture of respect and compassion that separates their fiduciary and trustee services from many others.

Lee Ann is also a sought-after speaker for different industry-related organizations and other professional groups. Previous keynote topics include the role of a fiduciary, special needs trusts, and other general administration topics.

Lee Ann’s passion for helping people in need and creating a safe place for them permeates Hitchman Fiduciaries’ company culture. As a senior partner, she establishes a family-like and welcoming environment that plays a vital part in the substantial number of referrals the company receives on a regular basis.

About Lee Ann Hitchman

Lee Ann Hitchman is the Founding and Senior Partner of Hitchman Fiduciaries. She began the fiduciary practice in 2005, performing pro bono work through the Unbefriend Elderly Program in Orange County. From such humble beginnings, the organization is now composed of nine staff including several family members who are licensed fiduciaries. Lee Ann’s philosophy focuses on an individual’s unique situation and concerns they may be experiencing during a very difficult season in life.

About Aging Life Care Association

Aging Life Care Association is a nonprofit organization with more than 2,000 members. They strive to support and lead the community of Aging Life Care professionals through their unique knowledge base, professional development, continuing education, and the highest ethical practices.

For further details about Lee Ann Hitchman contact her at (424) 223-5996 or email at LeeAnn@hitchmanfiduciaries.com. Visit Hitchman Fiduciaries at https://www.hitchmanfiduciaries.com to learn more about the fiduciary and trustee services they offer and discover how they can support you and your family during a difficult season of life.

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