Leading San Francisco Bay Area Employment Law Firm, CA Civil Rights Law Group Announces New Posts on Harassment

San Francisco Bay Area Employment Law Firm

San Francisco Bay Area Employment Law Firm

Our law firm is very committed to the education of the public as to their rights and responsibilities as employees and employers.

California Civil Rights Law Group, a law firm specializing in employment law including discrimination, wrongful termination, and harassment at http://www.civilrightsca.com/, is proud to announce new posts to its blog on harassment. The law firm is well known as one of the leading California law firms working in the area of workplace harassment, and the new posts represent outreach to the public on the topic.

"Our law firm is very committed to the education of the public as to their rights and responsibilities as employees and employers," explained Larry Organ, principal attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm. "Our new blog posts represent efforts in that direction, though we always caution that every individual situation is unique and the best step anyone can take is to reach out for a confidential attorney consultation on potential workplace discrimination or harassment."

To read the new posts, visit the blog at http://www.civilrightsca.com/blog/. There, for example, one can read a new post commenting on the issues surrounding harassment by elected representatives. The blog sheds lights on the problematic situation of employees of elected representatives, and - in combination with other posts - helps employees to understand their rights vis-a-vis employers. The website makes it easy for anyone to reach out for a confidential consultation by simply clicking up to the "contact" button. The reality is that the blog is no substitute for the professional analysis of an active San Francisco Bay Area harassment lawyer.

Growing Awareness and a Need for Education

It is no secret that our culture is reaching some type of turning point with respect to harassment. Victims are being empowered to speak out and are being empowered by the collective experience of an end to silence. Employers, at private, nonprofit, and governmental organizations, are becoming more aware of the nature of the problem and many are taking steps at education. Even Congress is beginning to address the need for education of elected representatives, staff, and others. With all of this publicity, however, harassment is, by definition, a very personal experience and a victim may not understand what he or she went through, not to mention the responsibilities of employers or the landscape of the law. For this reason, the first step may be an Internet search and the perusal of a blog post on the topic. The anonymity of the Internet makes this relatively easy. For this reason, California Civil Rights Law Group is enhancing its blog with new, timely posts for the public while, at the same time, encouraging people to reach out for confidential consultations.

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Headed by renowned trial lawyer Larry Organ, California Civil Rights Law Group (http://www.civilrightsca.com/), is a leading employment law firm with San Francisco Bay Area offices in Oakland, Alameda County and San Anselmo, Marin County, California. Employees experiencing harassment, race harassment, disability discrimination, LGTBQ discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, whistleblower retaliation and/or wrongful termination should reach out for an attorney consultation in either our Oakland/East Bay or San Anselmo/Marin County office.
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