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A writer who served as a juror in the 2013 trial of mob boss James “Whitey” J. Bulger has published a roman à clef based on her real-life experiences and observations in the courtroom and during the years following the trial.

In “The Truth Be Damned,” author Janet Uhlar unravels the gripping fictional account of a U.S. history teacher who, after being selected to the jury for the national trial of a high-profile mobster, comes face to face with the realities and horrors of government treachery and corruption. Paralleling her own discoveries during and after Bulger’s trial, Uhlar’s book appendices offer never-before-seen correspondence between the author and Bulger that addresses FBI, Department of Justice and CIA secrecy and exploitation of U.S. citizens going back to the 1950s.

“My knowledge of the foundational principles of America’s judicial system caused me great alarm beginning on the first day of Bulger’s 10-week trial,” Uhlar said. “The frequent admission of unethical practices within the Department of Justice were presented as though commonplace and acceptable. The corruption within the FBI was astounding – and often went unpunished.”

“A well-written, chilling view of our federal criminal justice system from a unique vantage point,” a reader wrote in a five-star review of the book on Amazon. “The suspense and intrigue kept me reading late into the night. I fear there’s more fact than fiction running through this story, a very unsettling proposition.”

“The Truth Be Damned offers a gritty look into the underbelly of the U.S. criminal justice system, presents an unflinching call for greater government accountability and demands adherence to the rights and liberties put forth by the U.S. Constitution.

“The Truth Be Damned”
By Janet Uhlar
ISBN: 978-1-4808-5593-9 (hardback); 978-1-4808-5592-2 (paperback); 978-1-4808-5594-6 (electronic)
Available through the Archway Publishing Online Bookstore, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

About the author
Janet Uhlar served as a juror in the 2013 trial of mob boss James “Whitey” J. Bulger. Uhlar has extensive knowledge of the foundational principles of American law and is the author of several books on the American Revolution. She believes Bulger’s trial was in stark violation of the principles established in the U.S. Constitution and lays bare a framework of corruption involving the FBI, Department of Justice and CIA in her latest book, “The Truth Be Damned”. Uhlar currently resides near Boston. To learn more, please visit http://www.janetuhlar.net.

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