JM Internet Announces New Book on Google AdWords for Small Business, the AdWords Workbook 2018

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We're very excited about the 2018 edition of the AdWords book.

The JM Internet Group, a leader in online digital marketing training for small businesses, is proud to announce the publication of the 2018 edition of the AdWords Workbook, one of the most popular books on online advertising focused on the Google AdWords platform.

“Google has unveiled a so-called new AdWords experience for 2018,” explained Jason McDonald, Director of the JM Internet Group. “Accordingly, the new edition of the AdWords Workbook is the first book on the market to use the New Interface in its entirety, complete with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.”

To view the AdWords workbook online, visit or at There, one can find easy links to purchase it on Amazon (in both Kindle and paperback) as well as links to the reviews of the book, and a summary of its contents. Persons interested in the book are urged to not only visit the website but also to reach out to the author, Jason McDonald, with any questions prior to purchase. Another newly updated resource is the list of the best books on Google AdWords, which can be viewed at The JM Internet Group maintains several popular list of the best books on SEO, social media marketing, and AdWords as well as a step-by-step guide to finding AdWords coupons online.


The AdWords Workbook is unique in the field of books on Google AdWords because it is an open and honest explanation of how AdWords really works, with both positive and negative features for the average small business advertiser. While Google itself produces a cornucopia of information on AdWords, Google is hardly objective nor free from conflicts of interest. Just as one would not expect the used car salesman to be “objective” about the cars on his lot, so should one not be surprised that a company like Google that makes the lion’s share of its revenue from AdWords is hardly a source of objective information on how to use the platform most efficiently. Indeed, even books by so-called independent authors are also often overly optimistic. The AdWords Workbook, in contrast, is an independent, unofficial guide to the advertising platform.

Its most emphatic point is that Google gets paid “by the click,” while advertisers make money “by the conversion,” which are far from the same thing. Accordingly, smart small business advertisers do everything in their power to minimize the cost per acquisition (not the cost per click). This concept is explained in detail in the book. Lest someone think the book is anti-AdWords, the book advocates online advertising as a very effective vehicle for small business marketers who use it wisely.


The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each student’s computer.

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