JLongtin Law Expands with a Host of New Services in the New Year

JLongtin Law

With all these new changes we will still have the same great representation and dedication to the community with our CARe (Compassionate, Affordable Representation) Program.

“We are very excited about our new fixed fee assistance to families on mental health-related cases. This program is designed to help families and other interested parties aid their loved one accused of a crime, either by representing the defendant or by aiding the public defender in litigating the case on behalf of the family,” said Longtin.

The firm is also offering a new legal consulting program for those charged with a crime and trying to determine if they want to go it alone, or for people waiting to meet their public defender for the first time. This program is designed to help people understand the charges in their case, and to aid them in beginning to gather mitigation before they even step into a courtroom.

In addition, JLongtin Law has been hard at work at building a more robust and user-friendly website for their clients. “We plan to offer expanded content to help people better understand the criminal legal process,” said Longtin. The new site will include a blog and a host of informational videos.

“With all these new changes we will still have the same great representation and dedication to the community with our CARe (Compassionate, Affordable Representation) Program,” concluded Longtin.

The CARe Program was instituted in response to the lack of affordable representation in the Denver community. It is an access to justice program, which provides reasonable rate representation to those who do not financially qualify for a public defender, yet still struggle to hire counsel. This is an ongoing program offered through JLongtin Law. Interested parties are encouraged to bring up the program when they call so the firm can determine if they are eligible for the CARe rate prior to setting up a consultation.

About Jennifer E. Longtin, JLongtin Law
Jennifer E. Longtin has tried cases ranging from simple traffic offenses and DUIs to murder and complex sex offenses. Jennifer is dedicated to serving the mentally ill who are involved in the criminal justice system; she litigates issues of competency, sanity, and uses a client’s situation and history to find treatment alternatives to incarceration. Practice areas of the firm include Felony/Misdemeanor​, Municipal Court, Mental Health Defense, Victim Representation, Juvenile Defense, DUI/ Traffic Violations, Sex Offenses​, Appeals and Post-Conviction Remedies, Sentencing, Petition to Seal Records, Temporary and Permanent Restraining Orders and Sex Offender De-Registration. For more information, please call (303) 747-6898, or visit http://www.jlongtinlaw.com. The law office is located at 2401 S. Downing Street, Denver, CO 80210.

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