Implant Secure Communications Awarded U.S. Patent Directed to Secure…

Implant Secure Communications LLC, an R&D company focusing on developing innovative secure communication technologies, was recently awarded U.S. Patent No. 10,305,695 “System and Method for Secure Relayed Communications from an Implantable Medical Device” (the “’695 Patent”).

The ’695 Patent is directed to encrypted communications between an implantable medical device and a remote server through a relay device, where the relay device, such as a smartphone or WiFi access point, acts as a conduit for communication with an unsecured network, such as the Internet. The patent provides an architecture that avoids reliance on trust or security within the relay smartphone and instead permits the implanted device to manage VPN-style connections to multiple endpoints.

“Implantable medical devices, be they brain implants to control Parkinson-related tremors or pacemakers, are used widely in medicine, which presents serious security risks,” said Dr. Alexander Poltorak, the inventor and CEO of Implant Secure Communications LLC. “I am delighted to have been awarded another patent on the technology that will help make these vital devices secure.”

In addition to the ’695 Patent, Implant Secure Communications LLC has two other previously issued patents – U.S. 9,215,075 and U.S. 9,942,051 – and has an additional patent application pending at the U.S. Patent Office.

The ’695 Patent and others within the portfolio are available for licensing to companies looking to develop a new generation of secure implantable devices, as well as secure “internet of things” devices. For licensing terms, contact Alexander Poltorak at 845-368-2500 or

About Implant Secure Communications LLC
Implant Secure Communications LLC, an R&D company focusing on developing novel technologies for secure encrypted communications for implantable medical devices and “internet of things” devices, is located in Suffern, N.Y. Implant Secure Communications is a portfolio company on an idea incubator, YdeaLab LLC. Implant Secure Communications was formed to make its technology accessible for commercial applications via licensing of its patents. For further information, visit

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