How to Really End Obamacare Before It Kills You

Obamacare will for a third time eventually be coming back to Congress. The horror of the present situation and the ineptness of Congress drove Mitchell Fronchen to write his novel, Dying to Save America. The book is set in the future. Health care is run by the federal government, and there is no private insurance. There’s a doctor shortage because few want to become doctors under only one employer, the federal government.

One character in the novel, Hugh O’Neill, believes that if someone wants to pay you money for the rest of your life if you will only give him power to decide how long you live, beware. That applies to the federal government’s bankrupt social security system and health care. Obamacare is a death sentence for Americans.

Hugh O’Neill discovers a suspicious but very small black mole on his arm. People are not allowed to go to a doctor directly, so he must call the 800 number of “Fair Health Coverage.” They don’t allow direct visits to specialists. He first must get an appointment with a general practitioner. They set him up with a doctor he didn’t know four weeks later. The doctor saw the mole, now slightly larger, and referred him to a dermatologist. That appointment was two months later. The dermatologist diagnosed the mole as melanoma and then referred him to a cancer specialist. That appointment took seven weeks. The oncologist told him the cancer had spread, that he was now terminally ill, and that a doctor could only prolong this patient’s life by about two years. Had he been treated promptly, Mr. O’Neill would have had a 93 per cent chance of a complete cure.

His two years are now up, and this very ill man decides that since he’s soon going to die, he will take his congressman with him. He murders the congressman at his home by ringing the doorbell to make a delivery. He then stabs the congressman with a knife.

After O’Neill leaves the scene, he mails dozens of letters to news media explaining why he killed his congressman. The resulting nationwide publicity spawns an epidemic of killings by terminally ill persons. If only one out of five hundred terminally ill persons assassinates his or her representative in Congress or a federal judge, that’s enough killers to kill the house and senate twice over, and all of the federal judiciary. In three years, that’s enough to kill every member of Congress six times and every federal judge three times.

The book explains our need to act promptly and predicts a dim future if we don’t. Dying to Save America is available at The book shows readers how to legally avoid Obamacare.

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