HotDocs Announces Keynote Speaker for the US HotDocs User Group Event

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HotDocs User Group

Tom Miller has an impressive understanding of risk, analytics, and technology and his keynote presentation about mitigating employee risk will be valuable to any organization – regardless of industry.

Miller has more than 25 years of analytic and risk management experience as the CEO and co-founder of ClearForce, a data analytics business focused on cyber and employee risk management. Prior to ClearForce, Miller held several senior positions in a variety of organizations, including JPMorgan Chase. Miller has deep experience with credit card risk management, analytics, marketing, and product management. For many years, Miller has consulted with top US banks, published numerous articles, and presented topics related to risk management and analytic technology and policy.

His keynote address will focus on employee risk management and the ways technology can be utilized to help mitigate those risks.

Speaking of HotDocs and document automation technology, Miller stated, “I speak with companies every day that are working towards mitigating enterprise risk and business documentation plays a part in that. Technologies like HotDocs provide organizations with greater control over their document generation processes and workflows, which can prevent inadvertent mistakes and malicious acts. I look forward to this opportunity to meet with HotDocs User Group attendees and discuss ways automation mitigates the human side of information security risk.”

HotDocs User Group is the premier document automation event in the US and offers HotDocs users, partners, and other interested parties the opportunity to hear the latest news and developments from HotDocs, and to share best practices, hear compelling case studies, and network with peers.

Steve Spratt, Chief Operating Officer at HotDocs, commented, “When hosting a HotDocs User Group event, we want to make sure that our attendees benefit from hearing from experts in fields that will resonate with them and provide valuable insights and ideas to take back to the office. Tom Miller has an impressive understanding of risk, analytics, and technology and his keynote presentation about mitigating employee risk will be valuable to any organization – regardless of industry.”

HUG US will take place on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 in New York City. For additional information or to register, please visit

About HotDocs
HotDocs is the market-leading provider of document automation software, with more than 11,000 customers in 60 countries and a user-base, globally, that exceeds one million. Document automation, or document assembly, facilitates a vast reduction in time spent in the production of high-volume, repeat documentation such as contracts, agreements, and other legal paperwork.

Widely used in the legal, banking, insurance, government, and corporate sectors, HotDocs software increases accuracy, reduces cost/risk and improves efficiency in the generation of complex, or simple, repeat documentation. The software is available on premise, on desktop, or via the cloud and can operate in a standalone capacity or as part of a wider business process management system, such as workflow, document management, or case management systems.

About ClearForce
Established in 2015, ClearForce is headquartered in Vienna, VA and delivers innovation to the cyber and employee risk management market through patent-pending technology. Its mission is to eliminate insider risk by informing organizations of the early signs of employee stress and enabling proactive, complaint actions that mitigate risk to the employee, organization, workforce, and customers.

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