Harralson Law Evaluates Newly Eligible Expungement Cases

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“Harralson Law can determine eligibility in a timely and cost-efficient manner,” says Harralson. “Best of all, I can do all of this without you stepping foot in the courthouse.”

For over 28 years, Louisville criminal defense attorney John H. Harralson, III has handled hundreds of successful expungement cases. As of this year, Kentucky legislation has expanded expungement eligibility requirements. Harralson Law is equipped and prepared to evaluate cases that meet these qualifications.

A criminal record can have a negative impact on every aspect of a person’s life. Persons with criminal histories have limited job opportunities and income potential. Their ability to participate in school activities is restricted, and their lack of certain civil rights may make it difficult to navigate within society. An expungement can instantly remove these barriers.

“The relatively small monetary investment associated with an expungement can result in a big payoff both financially and with one’s quality of life,” says John H. Harralson, III.

An expungement allows an individual to legally “erase” certain criminal cases and protective order cases (EPOs and IPOs) from their record. Once expunged, the case will not appear in background checks performed by police, courts, potential employers, school admission departments, professional licensing authorities, and others. Individuals may also legally deny the existence of expunged cases on applications or in response to other inquiries.

Kentucky’s new 2019 legislation allows expungement of almost all D felonies. Offenses committed prior to 1975 that were not covered by the previous law are now included. The new law also reduces the felony expungement filing fee from $500 to $300, $250 of which may be paid in installments. To learn more about expungement eligibility, exceptions, and stipulations, read Harralson Law's latest news update.

Under the new 2019 law, well over 90,000 people in Kentucky are eligible for an expungement, but only a small fraction have sought one. Most are either unaware they can get an expungement or do not know how to go about getting one.

Harralson Law can determine eligibility, prepare the paperwork, submit the court filings and make all court appearances in a timely and cost-efficient manner,” says Harralson. “Best of all, I can do all of this without you stepping foot in the courthouse.”

John H. Harralson, III is an experienced attorney dedicated to representing clients facing all state or federal felony and misdemeanor criminal charges. He has extensive experience practicing law in Jefferson County, Kentucky and the surrounding communities of Oldham, Shelby, Spencer and Bullitt Counties.

If you’re interested in having your record evaluated, visit harralsonlaw.com for more information. Call John H. Harralson, III today for a free consultation and bring easy, positive change to your life: 502-540-5700.

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