Guide Published for College Students and Their Parents Nationwide on Title IX, Sexual Assault, Conduct Code Violations, Due Process and School Discipline Proceedings

Duffy Law, Title IX and College Student Defense Attorneys

New Guide published to help college students protect their rights before, during, and after a disciplinary action.

The 23-page Guide covers all phases of the common disciplinary process including investigations, hearings, findings, sanctions, and appeals.

Duffy Law, LLC, a law firm in Connecticut focusing on the representation of college students across the country, has published a comprehensive Guide to help students and parents navigate the fast-changing world of Title IX, sexual assault, conduct code violations and the university disciplinary process.

According to Felice Duffy, the firm’s founder, students and parents typically underestimate both the complexity of the process and the possible negative consequences of being found “responsible” for a disciplinary violation. “College students understandably think that if they simply tell their side of the story that the school will treat them fairly. Unfortunately, many schools have reacted to increased federal regulatory scrutiny and generalized social pressure in response to the serious issue of campus sexual assault by creating well-meaning but flawed disciplinary systems that create as many problems as they’re trying to solve. We wrote this guide to give students and parents the information they need to make better choices before they’re retraumatized by untrained school personnel, or hit with severe, long-term consequences such as suspension or expulsion.”

The 23-page Guide covers all phases of the common disciplinary process including investigations, hearings, findings, sanctions and appeals. It contains information gathered on a daily basis from the firm’s work representing both complainants and accused at both large and small, public and private institutions in every region of the U.S.

Attorney Felice Duffy is a pioneer in both Title IX and U.S. women’s soccer. She filed a Title IX action against the University of Connecticut as an undergraduate in 1978 to compel the funding of a women’s varsity soccer team. She then earned her Ph.D. in Sports Psychology while playing at the national club level. Duffy went on to become head coach of the Yale women’s soccer team for 10 years before going to Quinnipiac law school, where she graduated first in her class. After stints at major New York and Connecticut law firms, she served for 10 years as an Assistant Federal Prosecutor before opening Duffy Law, LLC in 2015.

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