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Our client's technology and IP are based on 40 years of teaching experience and result in a higher level of mastery than traditional methods.

Global Technology Transfer Group, Inc. (GTT Group), a leading technology transaction advisory firm specializing in information and communication technology reveals the availability of a language learning technology that demonstrably facilitates more effective English language acquisition through unprecedented features leveraging real-time conversation and streamlined remote classroom management. The portfolio is ideal for organizations in the education sector as well as businesses seeking to enhance employees' language skills.

The technology was developed by a tenured professor from one of Japan's leading universities who is an expert in the language learning field with 40+ years teaching oral communication at the university level. The technology reflects such expertise and is a result of the current demand for real-time language learning software in the education and business sectors.

The technology is available for purchase and features a proven software suite and its source code, three patents in Japan and China regarding language e-learning concepts, software manuals and product documentation, a product roadmap for future development and registered trademarks in Japan, China and Hong Kong.

Currently, there are few solutions that facilitate remote language learning with real-time instruction. Teachers and students must rely on generic applications, typically in one on one sessions, that lack the necessary capabilities for effective teaching or classroom management. The featured technology addresses this vacuum while also enhancing remote language teaching concepts. Critically, the software suite uses proven teaching exercises to augment the empirical evaluation of spontaneous and extemporaneous conversation, as well includes remote classroom management options for teachers' convenience.

The developed software and e-learning concepts were proven radically effective at the founder's university, then adopted by teachers at other learning institutes and remained in use until the founder's retirement three years ago. Thousands have used the software suite, underlining its effectiveness and stability. Says one associate professor, "I have been teaching English in Japan for 22 years and there is no other teaching method that even comes close in terms of improving students' accuracy, listening ability, pronunciation and speed when speaking English."    

The software’s capabilities include hosting from 3 to 40 students per class, options to randomly pair students with their classmates or a teacher in classes of ten or more, progress tracking by recording/managing individual students’ e-learning data and unique applications that focus on pronunciation through basic sounds, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

GTT Group has prepared materials for this exciting technology. "While learning to speak English has long been a priority in countries like China and Japan," said Andy Godsey, GTT Group Managing Dircetor, "the methods most commonly used do not often result in fluency. Our client's technology and IP are based on 40 years of teaching experience and result in a higher level of mastery than traditional methods."

Please contact Andy Godsey for more information. All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential. GTT Group is approaching potential buyers and providing materials explaining the technology’s strategic advantages. Subject matter experts will be available to discuss the patents' strength and market applications.

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