Fire Sprinklers that Create a Protective Curtain of Water May Have Ensured a Home’s Survival in Recent Sylmar Fire, says Fire Protection Group, Inc.

The innovative rooftop fire sprinkler system from Fire Protection Group Inc. creates a protective curtain around homes.

The hero of the day was an innovative sprinkler system which actually creates a protective curtain of water around a home.

A Sunland home was one of thousands of structures that were threatened in the Creek Fire, which destroyed over 15,000 acres near the San Gabriel Foothills, and burned down roughly 123 structures earlier this month. Fire Protection Group Inc., a Southern California-based fire safety consulting firm, says that, as area firefighters fought bravely to try and save a number of nearby residential and business structures from burning debris, one of its client’s homes was fully protected from the threat and very likely saved. The hero of the day was an innovative rooftop fire sprinkler system which actually creates a protective curtain of water around a home, says the firm.

Designed by Fire Protection Group Inc. lead engineer George Saadian, the system is added to rooftops where it can emit a steady stream of water large enough to envelop the structure inside a layer of water. The system feeds water to the roof-mounted sprinklers via a riser (long pipe) and it is then directed to its ultimate destination with the help of a water pressure meter and a master control. The firm adds that the system is designed to prevent water from entering a house and causing damage, even as it protects the building’s exterior. The system can be activated manually, or through heat sensors designed to pick up temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fire Protection Group Inc. adds that the rooftop fire protection system can be completely hidden from view in cases where its installation is performed at the same time a roof is being replaced, or when a new structure is being built. In cases where installing the system in the roof may not be practical or desirable, an alternative system located beside a home is able to create a protective bubble around the structure.

Fires are going to continue to be an increasingly serious threat to structures throughout California for the foreseeable future, says Fire Protection Group Inc. The firm adds that the ingenuity of fire safety professionals will certainly play an ever larger role in reducing the harm caused by blazes.

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