Federal Class Action Lawsuit Against Dunkin Donuts Alleges Systematic Discrimination of Women and African Americans

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According to court papers filed, the only African American female franchisee in the country for Dunkin Donuts is suing the brand for systematic discrimination and unfair business practices — that has allegedly negatively impacted many women and Black franchisees for the brand.

The Maryland small business owner alleges that Dunkin Donuts does not give its female and Black franchisees the same support, opportunities, access, consideration, resources, information and respect that the brand offers its male and non-Black franchisees.

According to court papers, to date, all of Dunkin’s Black franchisees in Maryland constituted the majority of African American franchisees for the brand at one point have allegedly reported similar complaints against Dunkin.

The complaint filed contends that Dunkin Donuts partnered with NAACP in 2013 to increase African American franchisees, however, the number of Black franchisees has substantially decreased which resulted in the intervention of the NAACP in this specific matter.

The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland on Monday, September 25 (case 8:17-cv-02846-TDC). According to Jerry Marks, co-counsel in this case, this lawsuit seeks to end the occurrence of similar stories by other female and/or Black franchisees and employees of corporate giants like Dunkin Donuts.

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