Fairfax Title Company Offers Title Services To Northern VA Residents

Mathis Title Company, A Fairfax Title Company

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Mathis Title Company, a Fairfax title company, offers title services to sellers, lenders and homebuyers across Northern Virginia. The title company in Fairfax provides title services such as title insurance, refinancing, contract preparation and review, mechanics liens and settlements.

Mathis Title Company provides a variety of real estate services for those who are either buying, selling or financing a home. They currently offer legal services in addition to their title services to protect parties in the transfer of title ownership process. The Fairfax title company is able to draft a purchasing agreement between the buyer and the seller to shorten the process. Mathis Title Company also offers mechanic liens to contractors who are responsible with constructing or remodeling the property, to ensure they are compensated for their work. Near the end of the transfer process, the Fairfax title company conducts mortgage settlements, or closing, to ensure that the documents necessary to transfer the title are signed and understood. The main product offered by the Fairfax title company are their title insurance policies.

Title insurance protects the home buyer and mortgage lender from problems during the transfer of title ownership. The title insurance policies offered by Mathis Title Company will prevent potential financial loss that may stem from a lawsuit or claim after the property has been purchased. The Fairfax title company is able to perform research on the property to ensure that the title has a clean history and is free of fraud, unpaid taxes and legal obligations. A title insurance policy will cover defense attorney costs if your property ownership rights are challenged. In addition, they conduct a final review of all documents pertaining to the transfer of ownership of a property.

The Fairfax title company provides a full range of title and closing services to assist all parties in the home buying and selling processes and also provides free consultation to all of their clients before they receive title services. Mathis Title Company can be contacted online at https://www.mathistitle.com/ or by phone at (703) 214-4020. The Fairfax title company is headquartered at 11325 Random Hills Road, Suite 160, Fairfax, VA 22030.

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