Eviction Moratorium’s May Cause Continued Confusion in Tenant…

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Whether or not moratoriums are extended, landlords should take immediate note of potential changes in laws that govern the use of evictions, as well as tenant screening in general.

Across the country nearly all moratoriums on evictions ended and landlords and/or property managers are once again able to pursue legal action; yet with the ongoing Covid19 pandemic many states, as well as the federal government, continue to struggle with a response. Adam Almeida, President and CEO of TenantScreeningUSA.com states: “Landlords and property managers should remain diligent with tenant screening policies, especially as the Covid 19 pandemic continues, and working with a well-qualified third-party tenant screening agency, such as TenantScreeningUSA.com, remains a best practice to stay compliant with law.”

One example of a state is in Florida where the governor extended the moratorium on evictions through executive order.

From TampaBay.com (July 30, 2020):

Florida’s eviction moratorium was yet again approaching an expiration deadline of 12:01 a.m. Saturday. Gov. Ron DeSantis extended the moratorium via an order issued Wednesday night, despite being mum on his intentions in the days before. The extension also made some changes to the moratorium, such as explicitly requiring tenants to begin repaying their missed rent when they are “no longer adversely affected by the COVID-19 emergency,” which the order defines as having experienced job loss or other income reduction directly attributable to the pandemic.

But in the time since evictions have been frozen, some housing advocates and officials have proposed doing more to help tenants like Evans, beyond simply delaying the rising logjam of evictions. (1)

A variety of parties have a vested interest in resolution to the eviction challenge.

Almeida adds: “The potential for on-going confusion around evictions remains and landlords and property managers will remain challenged as laws and governance can change quickly.”

There is activity in congress to extend moratoriums on evictions.

From CNET.com (July 31, 2020):

Congressional Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday to address a blanket stay on evictions, but it is the fourth such Democratic effort and the three before never made it to a vote. Without a federal ban, housing advocates warn of a "tsunami of evictions." However, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that a short-term extension of the federal eviction ban is in the works. (2)

Almeida concludes: “Whether or not moratoriums are extended, landlords and property managers should take immediate note of potential changes in laws that govern the use of evictions, as well as tenant screening in general. A best practice remains that landlords and property managers should utilize the services of a well-qualified third-party tenant screening agency to stay compliant with existing and potential laws governing tenant screening.”

TenantScreeningUSA.com provides full-service tenant screening for landlords and property managers of any size and can greatly assist in remaining fully compliant with all existing law governing tenant screening. With a highly trained and experienced staff, TenantScreeningUSA.com can provide help to landlords and property managers with all their tenant screening needs.

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