European Center for GDPR Certification Launches First Consumer Privacy…

GDPR Trust Seal

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GDPR Trust Seal ™

Let's Take Privacy Seriously!

Until now there has been no clear method for consumers to identify businesses that adhere GDPR and to what extent due to lack of accreditation and certification bodies.

EU Center for GDPR Certification introduces “GDPR TRUST SEAL”™ for companies and organizations worldwide doing business with or offering services to European Citizens.

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum GDPR TRUST SEAL™ will be awarded to businesses based on their compliance status and can be requested online from

This first of its kind GDPR Privacy Trust Seal can attract new customers and differentiate you from competitors, thereby quickly providing a good return on investment.

Privacy is the new gold, and as of May 25th, the consumers are now in control of their private data. The Consumer 2.0 is increasingly demanding that companies handle their personal data responsibly. They want transparency and in many cases they are ready to pay a little extra if companies can prove that personal data is deleted or handled in a secure way. The GDPR Trust Seal™ is all about building trust between brands and their customers by demonstrating transparency and legal compliance under the General Data Protection Regulation.

EU GDPR Certification Center is working closely with the Danish NGO GDPR Watchdog who initiated the first official DPA RATING™ system of the Data Protection Authorities in the European Union. GDPR Watchdog founder Jan Vistisen says, "There will be kicking, screaming and evasion in the short term but GDPR will become a gold standard in business and that compliance will more than pay for itself. In any case, where's the harm in being able to show your customers you are an honest actor when it comes to protecting their privacy?"

GDPR Trust Seal™ is awarded based on independent audit of compliance with GDPR and in this way the businesses will be able to demonstrate it takes data protection seriously. The company is allowed to use the GDPR Trust Seal™ on their website and marketing material, in order to send a clear compliance message to current and potential clients. Companies publishing their GDPR Trust Seal™ will have both short and long term advantage over those who don’t have it.

About GDPR Watchdog

GDPR Watchdog is a Danish NGO helping all EU Citizens ("data subjects") obtaining rightfully requested information about how their personal data is collected, processed or whether it’s been deleted. They are helping ensure compliance with GDPR amongst companies and organizations worldwide, including their obligation to forward requested data in accordance with EU data protection laws (see website: "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS"). Non-compliant companies will be added to their GDPRblacklist™ until they comply. GDPR Watchdog is also helping to prepare class action lawsuits against American companies trying to hide behind the non-compliant US Privacy Shield. To learn about GDPR Compliance and how to avoid mistakes and fines, see menu bar: "GDPR HELP FOR BUSINESSES" on their website or write to: [email protected]

About EU Center for GDPR Certification

European Center for GDPR Certification is the “Consumer Trust Body” of the General Data Protection Regulation. We cooperate with all official GDPR Certification bureaus and consumer protection agencies inside the EU and worldwide. Our Trust Seal GDPR - is a registered European trademark #017603325 – Commonly referred to as the “GDPR TRUST SEAL”™.

Our function is not to certify businesses, our DPA accredited partners in the respective countries are doing this under many different types of certificates and conditions, as no general EU standard has yet been established for GDPR Certificates. However, our registered consumer trust seal continues to be the only one. Not only are we the first, but we have incorporated the highest possible compliance standards under the law into our Trust Seal. We have been founded to protect the interest of consumers, performing annual audits of certified businesses in accordance with the law. We verify that company and organizations are able to demonstrate full compliance and accountability under the law regarding privacy protection of EU citizens.

For further information please contact:

Schuman – European Quarter
2-4 Schuman Roundabout, level 6
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Phone: +3224033753
E-mail: [email protected]

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