Empire Industries LLC Has Achieved an Unprecedented Milestone in Property Management

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Empire Industries LLC, in its few short years, has already accomplished an unprecedented milestone, unheard of in the property management industry in such a short time.

As of September this year, Empire Industries LLC has surpassed the $100 Million mark in assets managed by the company. At the same time, Empire Industries LLC has also surpassed the $1 Million mark in rent collected.

Steve Rozenberg, President and Co-Founder, "We are very humbled, but at the same time we are very excited and proud of what we have accomplished. Empire is revolutionizing the way investment properties are managed and it shows in our company's extraordinary growth over the last few years. We plan to continue this trend all over the state of Texas."

Empire Industries LLC provides frustration free property management by investors for investors. Investors and property owners from all over the world trust Empire Industries LLC to manage their single family home like a business and ensure that everything is managed trouble free.

For more information on Empire Industries LLC please go to: http://www.empireindustriesllc.com

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