Due To The Estimated Decline In Accidents Last Year, The Offices of Attorney Big Al Call For Continued Emphasis On Defensive Driving, Offers Tips On Getting Started

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s December report titled “Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities for the First Quarter of 2017” showed an exciting decline in fatal motor traffic accidents. These encouraging statistics have prompted the Attorney Big Al offices to remind the public of the importance of defensive driving on the road.

Though traffic fatalities continue to threaten America’s motorists, the good work done by the police and government officials to reduce drunk and distracted driving showed in the estimated decline of crash fatalities in 2017. Attorney Big Al in the South Florida office commented, “We’re so pleased to see the decline reported in 2017, and we hope people continue to drive defensively on the road so that these numbers continue to drop.”

Focusing on defensive, distraction free driving is the best way to keep crash rates low in 2018, especially since there was an overall increase of traffic accidents in 2016. For those just getting started with defensive driving, the Attorney Big Al locations throughout the US suggest a few basics.

First, motorists can always take a course at a local DMV. These courses are usually short and can sometimes even reduce your insurance costs. The class teaches the foundations of the defensive driving technique, which is based on staying alert and anticipating accidents that might happen, rather than reacting to them after the fact.

Remember that defensive driving is all about maintaining a constant state of alertness on the road, so the Attorney Big Al offices suggests putting away any and all distractions. Practice scanning the road to keep your mind aware of any potential accidents, and leave plenty of following room between vehicles.

If you remember to always drive safe, drive slow, and keep your mind on the road, and the statistics for crash fatalities will continue to drop in 2018.

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