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Burdette & Rice is a leading probate law firm in Dallas, Texas, with an emphasis on disputes and litigation.

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Probate issues can be complicated, even for attorneys.

Burdette & Rice, one of the leading estate, trust, and probate litigation law firms in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex, is proud to announce that attorney David Mead gave a well-received presentation to Dallas county estate and probate attorneys on the topic of handling probate matters. David’s instruction ranged from matters where the decedent dies in a manner known as “intestate” (without a valid will) as well as the administration of estates when a decedent dies testate with a valid Last Will and Testament.

“Probate issues can be complicated, even for attorneys," explained Elliott Burdette, Managing Partner of Probate Litigation at Burdette & Rice. “David's presentation to fellow Dallas county attorneys generated a lively response on detailed aspects within probate such as where the decedent dies in a manner known as “intestate” as well as the administration of estates when a decedent dies testate with a valid Last Will and Testament."

Those who would like to learn more about David Mead, can visit http://www.dallasprobateattorneys.com/david-mead/. Those who are looking for online information on probate can visit http://www.dallasprobateattorneys.com/probate/. Anyone who may be considering a will contest under Texas law, or perhaps need to deal with probate issues, is encouraged to reach out to one of the firm's attorneys for a consultation. No two probate situations are the same, and a trained legal mind is needed to evaluate how best to apply the law and defend one's rights.


Burdette & Rice is a leading law firm in the Dallas area focused on estate, trust, and probate issues. Many firm attorneys participate in continuing education throughout Dallas county, often providing workshops or presentations for both attorney and lay publics. In addition, firm attorneys actively participate in various seminars and conferences not only in Texas but across the United States so as to constantly improve their skills. By giving back as presenters, sharing their knowledge with both the legal and the lay public, and other types of outreach, attorneys at Burdette and Rice help to educate the public on the complexities of trusts, estates, and probate under Texas law. Finally, it should be noted that the law firm's website and blog also offer a cornucopia of information on probate, estate, and trust disputes under Texas law.

Persons interested in reaching out to attorneys at the firm as possible speakers are urged to visit the website. This includes journalists and bloggers who may be looking for expert commentary on issues of trust, estate, and probate law in Texas.


Burdette & Rice, PLLC is a top Dallas probate law firm, with lawyers dedicated to listening to their clients, being fully present to them, and advocating their clients’ positions in the simplest and most persuasive way possible. The law firm employs some of the top probate and estate lawyers in Dallas, Texas. Clients come to Burdette & Rice to contest a will in Texas, work on complex inheritance litigation and disputes, and to litigate disputes over powers of attorney, guardianship and trustee issues all based on Texas law.

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