Class Action Lawsuit Against DuPont & Other Defendants for Allegedly Releasing Chemicals — including GenX — into Cape Fear River

DuPont and others have been accused of allegedly releasing chemicals known to be harmful to the public into the Cape Fear River, which provides drinking water to more than 100,000 North Carolinians, according to a class action lawsuit filed on Oct. 3.

The particulars of the lawsuit are as follows:

●    What: Class Action and Individual Complaint and Request for Jury Trial
○    Link:
●    Where: Filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, Southern Division / Case # 7:717-CV-189-D
●    When: Oct. 3
●    Who:
○    Plaintiff
■    Brent Nix, individually and as representative of the members of the classes
■    Represented by The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin (Durham) and The Hannon Law Firm (Denver)
○    Defendants
■    Defendants The Chemours Company FC, LLC, The Chemours Company, E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company, Inc., E.I. duPont Chemical Corporation, Ellis H. McGaughy, and Michael E. Johnson


Plaintiff, individually and as a representative of the members of a class (amounting potentially to more than 100,000 people), seeks compensatory and punitive damages arising out of alleged releases, discharges, spills and leaks of toxic PFAS and PFECAs, both past and present, from the Fayetteville Works Facility and property currently owned by the Chemours Defendants in Fayetteville, NC.

Request for damages include:
●    loss in value and marketability of properties
●    cost of remediating properties
●    cost of mitigating the contaminated water, and/or cost of alternative water sources
●    loss of use of their properties they own, loss of use and enjoyment of those properties, annoyance, discomfort and inconvenience
●    cost of diagnostic testing for the early detection of illness, disease, and disease process caused by exposure to Defendants’ toxic PFAS and/or PFECAs

Claims for relief (i.e. alleged ways in which defendants may have broken the law):
●    Trespass
●    Nuisance
●    Negligence
●    Negligent failure to warn
●    Unjust enrichment

Contact Information:
David Chamberlin
280 S. Mangum Street, Suite 400
Durham, NC 27701

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