Clark Law & Associates LLC Supports Sunshine Awakenings Inc.

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Bringing Fresh Produce To The Homeless

Clark Law & Associates LLC wholeheartedly supports Sunshine Awakenings and all of their programs through generous charitable contributions.

Very few law firms are known for their tremendous contributions to their communities. That is just one of the reasons why Clark Law & Associates LLC is so unique. Over the past few years, the attorneys at Clark Law & Associates LLC have worked with members of the Portland community on emotionally and mentally-taxing lawsuits. As Clark Law & Associates LLC focuses on personal injury and criminal defense, the attorneys at this firm have seen community members go through some very difficult times. Their time spent serving members of the community has made them realize just how important a strong community truly is, which is why they are pleased to announce their support for Sunshine Awakenings Inc.

Sunshine Awakenings Inc is a non-profit based in Portland that focuses on charity and spreading positivity & creative therapy throughout the community. Sunshine Awakenings board members believe that people are at their happiest and freest – and most positive – when they are sharing with others and engaging in creative and expressive activities. Many concrete scientific studies have shown that the right brain is the creative and artistic side of our brains. For this reason, many of their programs center around art, music, and juggling. Some of Sunshine Awakenings’ past programs include free hugs, art circle therapy, free juggling, and music therapy. Another ongoing charitable Sunshine Awakenings project is Superfeed Portland. This program provides nourishing food to homeless members of the Portland community including fresh produce and even fresh pressed juice. While this initiative greatly benefits the homeless population, it also helps volunteers practice spreading love and positivity.

Clark Law & Associates LLC has seen first-hand the harrowing effects such as PTSD suffered by abuse victims and the toll that homelessness can have on almost any person. From this insider perspective, it is easy for a compassionate person to recognize the healing value of creative therapy and charitable programs. Unfortunately, the majority of the community tends to ignore those who need love and positivity the most – but not Sunshine Awakenings. When Clark Law & Associates LLC attorneys Jenny Clarke, Brendan Burke, James Gregory, and Rick Davis Jr. heard about Sunshine Awakenings and their incredible programs, they felt compelled to do what they could to help. Sunshine Awakenings helps bring hope to the Portland community. It strives to bring sustainable joy and health to every single person in Portland. For this reason, Clark Law & Associates LLC wholeheartedly supports Sunshine Awakenings and all of their programs through generous charitable contributions.

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