CentralOhioDocs Automated Legal Forms Now Available on HotDocs Market

Our primary job is to help our members be more successful.

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CentralOhioDocs is a set of fully automated legal templates that currently includes over 30 templates created by subject matter experts within the Columbus Bar Association. Attorneys subscribing to these web-based templates can now efficiently produce legal documents using mobile devices, PCs, and Macs. Initially, these legal templates cover a wide range of family law forms unique to Franklin County, Ohio. Additional templates and categories will be added in the future. CentralOhioDocs subscriptions are exclusively available to Columbus Bar Association members.

The Columbus Bar Association chose to publish its forms through HotDocs Market as this platform provides easy template and user management. Each form is designed using HotDocs’ powerful document automation technology, thus enabling subscribers to quickly and easily generate a diverse range of documents. These fully automated forms make it possible to create accurate, customized documents which minimize risk, save time, effort and costs - thereby providing attorneys with increased time to focus on clients.

Jonathan Hoy, Vice President of HotDocs Market, commented, “We are excited to partner with the Columbus Bar Association to offer CentralOhioDocs to attorneys in central Ohio. The Columbus Bar Association has put a great deal of effort into making these forms as user-friendly as possible. Tools like CentralOhioDocs help attorneys become more effective and productive, allowing them to spend more time with clients and less time drafting legal documents.”

Jill Snitcher McQuain, Executive Director of the Columbus Bar Association, stated, “Our primary job is to help our members be more successful. We take that responsibility very seriously. This new partnership with HotDocs Market allows us to provide our members with access to high-quality document automation technology that saves them time and money, while also improving accuracy.”

About HotDocs:

HotDocs is the market leading provider of document assembly software, with more than 11,000 customers in 60 countries and a user-base, globally, that exceeds one million. Document automation, or document assembly, facilitates a vast reduction in time spent in the production of high-volume, repeat documentation such as contracts, agreements, and other legal paperwork.

Widely used in the legal, banking, insurance, government, and corporate sectors, HotDocs software increases accuracy, reduces cost/risk and improves efficiency in the generation of complex, or simple, repeat documentation. The software is available on premise, on desktop, or via the cloud and can operate in a standalone capacity or as part of a wider business process management system, such as workflow, document management, or case management systems.

The most recent innovation from HotDocs is HotDocs Market – an online document assembly platform that allows experts to publish and sell automated legal documents and forms to attorneys throughout the US. Publishers already using HotDocs Market include the State Bar Associations of Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, and commercial publishers ALL-STATE LEGAL, James Publishing, and LexisNexis.

About the Columbus Bar Association:

Founded in 1869, the Columbus Bar Association (CBA) serves legal professionals throughout Central Ohio, including lawyers, judges, paralegals, and law students. For more information, visit http://www.cbalaw.org.

For more information about CentralOhioDocs, visit HotDocs Market.

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