CanAm Enterprises Reaches Another EB-5 Industry-Leading Milestone – More Than 6,000 Permanent Green Cards Granted

We really appreciate what you have done for us over the past years. With your help, we have successfully become permanent residents of United States of America.

CanAm Enterprises, LLC (“CanAm”) is pleased to announce that it has reached another very important milestone in the EB-5 industry --- its 2000th I-829 petition approval! To date, more than 2,000 CanAm investors have had their I-829 petitions approved by USCIS through our projects, representing over 6,000 permanent green cards granted to CanAm immigrant investors and their family members.

“Everyone at CanAm knows how important it is for our investors to achieve this final step in their immigration process with us, and be on the path to being an unconditional permanent resident of the United States. We take great care to ensure that all our EB-5 projects can take our investors to this point,” comments CanAm Enterprises President and CEO, Tom Rosenfeld.

Overseen by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Immigrant Investor Program, also known as the Regional Center Program or EB-5 Program, provides qualified foreign investors with the opportunity to earn conditional visas in return for investing $500,000 in businesses located in high-unemployment areas that create or retain at least 10 permanent full-time jobs for U.S. workers. It is a win-win job-creation program that receives bipartisan support. A number of EB-5 visas are set aside each year for participants who invest in commercial enterprises associated with regional centers approved of by USCIS.

The I-829 petition is the final step of the EB-5 visa process for immigrant investors to become lawful, permanent residents of the United States. The I-829 petition includes evidence that the immigrant investor has successfully met all USCIS requirements of the EB-5 program, specifically that the investment was made and the required jobs were, in fact, created. Once the I-829 is approved, the investor’s conditional residency restriction is lifted, allowing the investor, their spouse and any unmarried children under the age of 21 to live in the United States permanently. As a result, the approval of the I-829 petition is a marker, indicating the true success of an EB-5 investment.

We really appreciate what you have done for us over the past years,” says an investor in CanAm’s PIDC Regional Center project. “With your help, we have successfully become permanent residents of United States of America.”

Rosenfeld comments: “We are very proud of the stellar track record we have achieved both in the United States and Canada since our journey began in 1987. We remain committed to the business philosophy and core values that served us so well during our first 30 years and will continue to build on the extraordinary track record we have established.”

About CanAm Enterprises
With three decades of experience promoting immigration-linked investments in the United States and Canada, CanAm has a long and established track record. Based on a reputation of credibility and trust, CanAm has financed 55 project loans and raised more than $2.5 billion in EB-5 investments. CanAm exclusively operates seven USCIS-designated regional centers that are located in the city of Philadelphia, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the county of Los Angeles, the metropolitan region of New York, Hawaii, Florida and Texas.

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About the EB-5 Investor Program

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5), administered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), provides opportunities for qualified foreign nationals to achieve permanent legal residency in the U.S. through an investment in an USCIS-approved project that will generate at least ten full-time jobs in the United States.

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