Can Hiring An Attorney To Cancel Your Timeshare Put You At Risk?

Find out if you live in a state where you can be penalized for filing a frivolous lawsuit. If you can, then you need to ask yourself:

    Do I have physical proof of my claim?

        If not … you could be penalized for filing a frivolous lawsuit and could be subjected to paying your opposition’s     attorney’s fees and court costs, as well as being personally sued.

Find out what the timeshare attorney does to cancel your contract:

    If you don’t have physical proof to back up your claim, then the timeshare attorney is not filing a lawsuit on your behalf. Most likely, they are sending out generic form letters and having you stop your payments to the timeshare company. This usually results in a “deed in lieu of foreclosure” and can negatively impact your Credit Score.

Find out if the timeshare attorney has a track record of success:

    Cancelling a timeshare is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every situation is different and needs a customized plan of action to successfully obtain a legitimate cancellation. Before hiring a timeshare attorney, ask for references and find out if your timeshare is a company they specialize in cancelling.

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