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Even in the allegedly 'progressive' San Francisco Bay Area, we see many occurrences of sexual harassment and related litigation.

California Civil Rights Law Group, a leading San Francisco Bay Area law firm focused on sexual harassment, is proud to announce another upgrade to its informational stance vis-a-vis sexual harassment and related legal issues. Over the early months of 2019 the law firm has been rolling out an ambitious website upgrade.

The law firm has a reputation as one of the top Bay Area sexual harassment law firms, with offices in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Anselmo in Marin County. The newly upgraded pages has an easy-to-remember URL at and informs interested persons in some of the basics of harassment and the importance of seeking legal advice.

"Even in the allegedly 'progressive' San Francisco Bay Area, we see many occurrences of sexual harassment and related litigation,” explained Larry Organ, principal attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm. "Employees have rights, yet nonetheless employers and managers may still be engaging in illegal sexual harassment of employees. Our newly updated page is often the first objective information an employee may find online about their rights."

Interested persons can view the page on the website. As part of the website redesign, the page has a high profile "contact" box at the top right. By clicking there, a person can request a confidential consultation with a sexual harassment attorney in San Francisco, Oakland, or in San Anselmo in Marin County. Telephone appointments are also available so that a potential victim can discuss his or her situation with an attorney in confidence. Another useful page is the page on "What is Sexual Harassment" at In any event, a person can view the information online and then reach out for a consultation. No two situations are alike and only an in-depth consultation with an attorney can be considered a good first step towards evaluating whether one has a case of not.


Here is background on this release. In today's Internet age, persons often turn first to search engines like Google and then blogs to learn about important issues, especially issues that may be highly sensitive such as potential sexual harassment. The first source of information may be a written blog post or YouTube video. At that point, an interested person may reach out to an attorney for a consultation and that consultation may occur in person, as in an office in San Francisco or Oakland; a second option is to have the consultation over the phone or video. In either event, the consultation can be a good, confidential opportunity for the person and lawyer to work together to assess the facts, the law, and whether litigation might be a good option.

Interested persons are directed, therefore, first to the website and then, if desired, to a consultation.


The California Civil Rights Law Group (, led by prominent trial attorney Larry Organ, is dedicated to furthering the cause of employee civil rights throughout the state. The legal team has made it its priority to provide help to those who need it the most, and specializes in representing plaintiffs in matters involving race, sex and disability harassment, discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

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