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San Francisco Bay Area sexual harassment law firm

We're lucky to have some of the best Bay Area sexual harassment lawyers on our team.

California Civil Rights Law Group, a San Francisco Bay Area law firm specializing in sexual harassment, is proud to announce a new blog archive on harassment. Based on the WordPress blogging platform, the auto-generated archive provides a convenient place for anyone interested in learning about harassment and the possible need to consult a Bay Area attorney. The archive brings together the law firm's posts on the topic over the past few years.

"We're lucky to have some of the best Bay Area sexual harassment lawyers on our team," explained Larry Organ, lead attorney at the Bay Area-based law firm. "Our new blog archive is a convenient place on the Internet for persons who may be facing sexual harassment in the Bay Area, indeed from San Francisco to Oakland to any community here in Northern California, to first learn about these issues privately before reaching out to an attorney for a private consultation."

Those who would like to learn more about sexual harassment, can also visit the firm's explanatory page or use the website to reach out for a private, confidential consultation with an attorney. Since no two situations are exactly alike, it is imperative to talk with an attorney about the possible facts of any sexual harassment litigation in the Bay Area under California law. Only a trained attorney can make a judgement as to whether to move forward. Fortunately, consultations do not cost money and interested persons are urged to reach out to the law firm if they are experiencing harassment.


Here is background on this release. The reality is that persons who may be facing sexual harassment at work are often reluctant to come forward. They may not understand their rights under the law, and they may feel pressured in an employment situation not to come forward or speak out. Given recent political events, they may be fearful of possible publicity. Fortunately, the Internet gives persons a private way to educate themselves about sexual harassment and then reach out for a consultation with an attorney. Here are some of the titles to blog posts in the archive:

"Am I Likely to Get Sexually Harassed at Work?"
"What Voting Rights Do I have in the Workplace?"
"NIFLA v. Becerra is an Attack on Women's Rights"
"Disabled Women and Sexual Assault"

Having read a few of these blog posts, checked out the website, and perhaps read reviews of some of the top-rated Bay Area law firms for sexual harassment, the next step is to identify a law firm that one feels comfortable with and reach out for a consultation. The positive thing about the Internet and attorney consultations is that a person who feels that they may be facing sexual harassment can maintain confidentiality before taking any next steps, and then taking any next steps only under the guidance of an attorney who understands sexual harassment law.


Headed by renowned trial lawyer Larry Organ, California Civil Rights Law Group, is a leading employment law firm with San Francisco Bay Area offices in Oakland, Alameda County and San Anselmo, Marin County, California. Employees experiencing sexual harassment, race harassment, disability discrimination, LGTBQ discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, whistleblower retaliation and/or wrongful termination should reach out for an attorney consultation in either our Oakland/East Bay or San Anselmo/Marin County office.

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