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VigilanteATI provides the human intelligence and feedback that’s missing from most security software, The human operatives monitor forums and look for breached data, almost like double agents.

Breach Secure Now! (BSN) launched version 2.0 of its Dark Web Breach Assessment (DWBA) platform with the addition of VigilanteATI® from InfoArmor, Inc., a comprehensive advanced threat intelligence platform vetted by human operatives. The new version of DWBA 2.0 will include breached credentials and passwords, giving MSPs a powerful platform to convince clients of security threats.

By adding the VigilanteATI service from InfoArmor, Inc. to its platform, BSN enables Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who use DWBA to offer their clients enhanced protection from hackers who target the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain: employees.

DWBA 2.0 will incorporate the advanced threat intelligence capabilities of VigilanteATI, which utilizes human operatives to conduct dark web surveillance and monitor employee activities that put them at a risk for identity theft. Surveillance data shows breached passwords and compromised credentials, which adds to the security risk data that MSPs can show clients.

Through DWBA 2.0, MSPs will also benefit from VigilanteATI’s rapid intelligence capabilities that give them key insights into real-time risks their clients face if their data is breached or exposed.

“VigilanteATI provides the human intelligence and feedback that’s missing from most security software,” said Art Gross, CEO of Breach Secure Now! “The human operatives monitor forums and look for breached data, almost like double-agents. They not only identify that a breach occurred, but also identify the stolen password data that caused the breach or put the company at risk for one.

“InfoArmor has well-vetted data that gives our MSP partners the ability to show their clients that their employees’ credentials and passwords have been compromised – a capability our partners have been asking for.”

VigilanteATI provides a powerful deterrent to cybersecurity attacks which are exacting an ever-increasing toll on the bottom line for U.S. businesses.

“The high cost of employee identity theft impacts everyone,” said InfoArmor CEO John Schreiber. “With VigilanteATI, the damages to both personal and corporate assets are minimized. We are pleased to integrate our services with Breach Secure Now! to help employers protect their most valuable resources – starting with their employees.”

VigilanteATI expands the array of security services from BSN that already includes DWBA, which enables MSPs to scan all accounts associated with a client’s email domain, identify which accounts were involved in a breach, and assess the level of risk to the client’s organization. DWBA 2.0 services give MSP clients an eye-opening window into the dark web and the risks to their businesses, and alerts them to the need for programs such as BSN’s Employee Security Awareness Training and Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA).

These employee security training programs include an overview of security threats, such as phishing scams, ransomware, social media scams, hackable wifi, etc., and best practices for cybersecurity, as well as ongoing lessons for workers to reinforce the information. EVA uses gamification technololgy to engage employees in friendly competition to improve their personal cybersecurity scores and reduce the risk of exposing themselves or their companies to a data breach.

“We are committed to continuing to expand our services so our clients and MSP partners have access to everything they need to protect their clients from cybercriminals,” Gross said. “Adding VigilanteATI to DWBA 2.0 reflects that commitment and strengthens those protections.”

About InfoArmor

InfoArmor combines advanced investigative systems with expertise in working with businesses to ensure companies and their employees remain protected from ever-evolving online threats.

InfoArmor’s employee benefit, PrivacyArmor®, is a proactive identity monitoring service that alerts users at the first sign of fraud and fully restores their identity. VigilanteATI, the company’s corporate threat intelligence service, monitors the dark web for emerging threats to protect companies from hacks and cyberattacks. For more information visit

About Breach Secure Now!

Breach Secure Now! is a white labeled security service built for MSPs. Breach Secure Now! focuses on a company’s weakest security link, their employees. The service includes employee security awareness training, ongoing weekly micro training videos, simulated phishing email attacks, security policies, employee vulnerability assessment (EVA) and security risk assessments.

Breach Secure Now! offers an attractive partner program and lets MSPs set the pricing under their own label. For more information on the Breach Secure Now! partner program visit

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