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EVA gives clients insights into which employees might unwittingly cause the next data breach, as well as training tools to prevent it. We take a company’s weakest link and turn it into their strongest defense.

Expanding its wide breadth of cybersecurity services for MSPs, Breach Secure Now! has released its innovative Employee Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) program, designed to help reduce the human errors that lead to the majority of data breaches. EVA provides dynamic tools for defeating hackers by giving each individual an Employee Secure Score (ESS), similar to a FICO credit score. The ESS measures an employee’s security strength.

EVA is the latest addition to the Breach Prevention Platform which gives MSPs a variety of tools to offer their clients, from automated security risk assessments (SRA), dark web monitoring and simulated phishing attacks to security policies and ongoing employee security training.

Based on a gamification strategy, the EVA program motivates employees to improve company-wide cybersecurity by regularly testing their ability to beat hackers in simulated phishing scams and earn scores of high, medium, or low risks in terms of vulnerability to data breaches. Like a workplace Fitbit challenge to promote exercise, the EVA program encourages employees to improve cybersecurity skills by tracking their progress in weekly micro training sessions and competing with coworkers for higher ESS scores.

“It’s important to employ a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity because hackers look for weak links to exploit,” said Art Gross, President and CEO of BSN. “That’s why human vulnerability assessments are needed in addition to technical assessments and that’s what EVA offers MSPs. It gives their clients insights into which employees might unwittingly cause the next data breach, as well as training tools to prevent it. We take a company’s weakest link and turn it into their strongest defense.”

To date, most small businesses have gotten only a limited view of how employees workplace habits can leave them open to data security breaches -- such as when a staff member accidentally clicks on a link that enables ransomware hackers to enter through a “backdoor” in the network.

By contrast, EVA puts cybersecurity issues front and center where everyone in the office can see them. Essentially, all employees involved in security training sign up for the program using a pseudonym that is displayed on a digital “leaderboard” or a physical chart like those that appear in golf tournaments or Olympic trials.

Then they are scored according to whether they fall for a simulated phishing scam, how they do on weekly training quizzes, the amount of dark web data breaches they have been involved with and several other security metrics. That score enables the employee as well as managers to identify gaps in the company’s cybersecurity defenses. Then, through additional training, staff members learn how to avoid these traps and improve their scores. Because employees’ names are disguised they can remain anonymous and engage in friendly competition with peers, spurring all participants to raise the level of security throughout the company.

EVA’s gamification approach supports the use of hard data to motivate changes in behavior and to accomplish the serious goal of protecting workplaces from cyberattacks. For more information and to sign up for EVA contact Breach Secure Now! at

About Breach Secure Now!

Breach Secure Now! is a full service security platform that focuses on employee security and includes employee security awareness training, simulated phishing attacks, dark web breach monitoring, employee vulnerability assessments, security risk assessments and security policies. The Breach Secure Now! solution is sold as a white label service that MSPs can offer under their own brand.

Breach Secure Now! offers an attractive partner program and lets MSPs set the pricing under their own label. For more information on the Breach Secure Now! partner program visit

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