BLF Reveals Why, When and How Electronic Signatures Can Save Firms Time and Money


Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) December 22, 2014 - Bigger Law Firm magazine's newest issue provides attorneys and law firms with the latest inside information they need to stay on the cutting edge of online marketing and technology. As the tech landscape changes, BLF helps attorneys adapt their marketing strategies to stay ahead of the latest developments.

In this issue, Brendan Conley examines digital signatures with the article, “Save Time by Signing Digitally.” In online commerce, click-through agreements have quickly become ubiquitous, but some legal documents still require a “blue-pen only” paper signature. In the many in-between areas, paper signatures are still the norm but digital signatures are also used, leaving perhaps even attorneys wondering, “Is this legal?” 

As Conley explains, the federal E-Sign Act, passed in 2000, gave electronic signatures the same legal effect as paper signatures and preempted existing state laws requiring paper signatures. Most states have also adopted the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, which gives electronic signatures the same validity as traditional signatures in a similar way. However, these laws cover commercial contracts, and they do not preempt state law requirements regarding vital documents like wills, court orders and certain filings.

These exceptions aside, Conley writes that digital signatures have the clear advantages of saving time and money. When implemented properly, they can actually provide greater proof of authenticity than a paper signature would. Conley details three levels of e-signature security and discusses the features of the industry leaders in digital signature solutions.

Conley's article is just one part of an issue packed with the latest information about technology and online marketing that attorneys and law firms need.

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