Birds to blame for fires in Reno; Bird-X humane bird deterrent devices…

Last year alone, $2 million was spent to make more than one thousand structures in Reno, NV safe for birds. However, even with expensive updates, birds still are the culprit of thousands of acres of charred land. When birds sit on electrical wires and take off to fly, the conductors may be touched, which electrocutes birds. Not only do the birds die, but when they fall to the ground, the electricity and heat is enough to start massive fires. This year is no exception; this month the Berry Fire in Washoe Valley was caused by a bird that took off from a power line, causing a series of shorts, which led to the fire.

Commercial areas with live electrical wires are no place for wildlife. Bird-X uses sonic, ultrasonic and laser technology to keep birds away from areas like this. By creating unwelcoming environments with frequencies that are silent to humans, for example, birds are deterred to other areas and are conditioned to not return. Putting preventative measures like this in place can greatly reduce these fire risks caused by unwanted birds.

Bird-X, Inc. has spent over 50 years protecting public areas from over 60 bird-spread transmissible diseases. The leading international brand of humane bird control solutions, this Chicago-based company manufactures a complete line of unique bird control products, protecting the health of humans, wildlife, and the environment by deterring birds from unwanted areas without harming them.

For information on any of Bird-X’s humane pest control products, please call customer service at (800) 662-5021.

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