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Marinas are beautiful, relaxing places where people come to enjoy their passion for boating or take a walk along the boardwalk. The problem is that birds naturally congregate in these areas and the abundance of platforms, boats, and dock railings provide them with ample opportunities to perch and wait for their next meal.

While any birds can take to the marina environment, birds that typically cause problems here are large, such as gulls, pelicans, geese, ducks, and more. These large birds are often formidable, leave large piles of waste, and can even be aggressive.

Bird control is a must in these situations. If you’re thinking of equipping your marina with bird control devices, here are five benefits you’ll see:

1. Relaxed Visitors
Encountering an aggressive or territorial large bird can be scary – and groups of them are worse. It has been known for gulls and geese to decide that an area of a boat or dock is theirs and it can cause a lot of trouble for boat owners. If you’re lucky to avoid large birds, small birds can also be a problem when they take flight at once and fly just inches from your head – that’s not a relaxing way to start or end a day out on the water.

2. Less Damage
Birds can cause a surprising amount of damage. Their droppings are acidic and damage boat decks and surfaces, covers, sails, outboard engines, and more. When this bird waste dries in the sun it can be a challenge to remove, and if removed incorrectly can cause permanent damage.

3. A Safe Environment
Bird droppings can carry up to 100 pathogens which can pose serious health risks. People who come into contact with it have contracted respiratory infections and stomach viruses. The large feces common marina birds leave are also a slip-and-fall hazard.

4. No Risk of a Lawsuit
If you maintain a private marina it is likely your responsibility to keep that space safe and clean for your patrons. If you allow an unreasonable amount of bird droppings to build up and someone slips and falls as a result, you may find yourself the subject of a lawsuit.

5. A Great Reputation
Clients and visitors may not know exactly why your marina seems to be better than the others they’ve visited, but something about the relaxed atmosphere will put you at the top of their list. Word of mouth is still one of the most important aspects of marketing and a great reputation will help your marina become a luxurious and sought-after place to be.

If you’re interested in bird control devices for your marina, go to Bird-X to see a wide range of solutions for your specific situation.

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