Bird-X Explaines How to Control Bird Numbers at Landfill Sites

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Landfill sites are like a chocolate factory for birds: there are endless piles of trash to pick through and find insects and food scraps to eat. It’s good food and convenience goldmine for our feathered friends.
Problem is, those same birds quickly become a nuisance for workers and impose possible health risks. Deterring and removing them from the site is a major challenge for all landfill sites. So how are you to deal with them?

The Answer: Bird Control Devices
There are more products than ever available to help you deter and even eliminate birds from your landfill site, far beyond physical barriers. While bird spikes and netting are effective, they aren’t practical in most landfill situations. Instead, visual scares, sonic bird repellers and ultrasonic bird repellers are much more suitable and just as effective.

And, if you’re looking for a physical deterrent that isn’t permanent, the ProHawk UAV drone makes you the predator bird that will scare all the pest birds away.

The benefits and results of using many of these methods in landfill situations can be seen in this UK study: Evaluation of Bird Control on Landfill Sites

What are the Benefits?
What benefits can you expect when you employ bird control devices like these?

  • Fewer health risks for employees – bird waste is toxic and can lead to some serious health implications for those that come into contact with it. Feral pigeons carry over 100 pathogens which can lead to stomach viruses and raspatory infections.
  • A better working environment – beyond the health risks, large birds at landfill sites are sometimes aggressive. They also defecate while in the air, often take flight suddenly and with little special awareness, and generally make the landfill site a difficult place to work.
  • Avoid property damage – birds sometimes pick up pieces of trash and drop it later, possibly damaging property and vehicles. Their droppings are also corrosive, which can lead to damage to steel and machinery.
  • Protect the birds – if the birds are overwhelming you and your staff, you probably don’t much care for them. However, a benefit of effective bird control means that birds are less likely to consume something they shouldn’t which can be fatal to the birds.

If you have a landfill site that is quickly becoming overrun by pest birds, it’s time to make a change. You can see a range of bird control solutions here or contact them directly at 800.662.5021 and they’ll be happy to advise you on what devices may work best for your individual situation.

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