Bird-X Electronic Bird Control Devices Prevent Damage During Current Migration Season

As seasons change, increased bird activity can be seen nationwide as migratory bird populations fly from one breeding ground to another. This increased bird activity brings with increased mess and possible spread of zoonotic diseases.

Not only is there a surge in number of birds in migratory paths this time of year, but climate change has also played a part in this yearly pattern, altering animal behavior and changing biodiversity around the world.

When birds leave a region due to continual habitat changes, they are often replaced by another species. Scientists are involved in examining this effect, known as “species turnover.”

Bird-X, the eco-friendly, humane bird control company, is feeling the effects of early bird migration here in their Chicago office. “We’re receiving a large number of calls related to migratory birds coming back to customers’ backyards, often times earlier than usual,” says a Customer Service Representative at Bird-X.

What can be done when one’s home is suddenly inundated with pesky birds, a bit earlier than normal? Bird-X specialists almost always recommend their best-selling sonic device, the BirdXPeller PRO, for common backyard birds like woodpeckers, crows, pigeons, sparrows, and more. This device emits a variety of naturally recorded distress calls and predator cries that confuse, frighten, and disorient pest birds without causing harm or using harsh chemicals. With multiple versions and dozens of species-specific bird calls, sonic deterrent methods are the ideal humane choice in backyard bird control.

Bird-X, Inc. has spent over 50 years protecting public areas from over 60 bird-spread transmissible diseases. The leading international brand of humane bird control solutions, this Chicago-based company manufactures a complete line of unique bird control products, protecting the health of humans, wildlife, and the environment by deterring birds from unwanted areas without harming them.

For information on any of Bird-X’s humane pest control products, please call customer service at (800) 662-5021.

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