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There are several steps to take when a bicyclist is injured in an accident. Austin, Texas personal injury attorney Joel A. Levine details what cyclists should do following an injury.

Call the Police
Even if an accident or injury seems minor, Levine advises that cyclists call the police and wait for them to arrive. A police report should be filed regardless of the severity of an injury, as it’s common for injuries to emerge hours or even days after an accident has occurred. If a motorist or another cyclist was involved in the accident, victims should not attempt to negotiate with them or accept a payment at the scene in exchange for not filing a report.

Ensure Police Get All Sides of the Story
It’s important for cyclists to get their version of the events into the official police report, rather than letting the officer rely on only the motorist’s side of the story. Even minor injuries should be reported to the officer in case they become more severe over time.

Collect Witness Information
Levine suggests getting the contact information of the motorist involved and any witnesses who saw what happened. Police do not always take this step, so it’s important for accident victims to be proactive. Cyclists who are too injured to collect this information should ask a bystander for help.

Document Relevant Information
As time passes, most victims will forget important details of their bicycle accident, so it’s critical that they take time the day of the accident to write down their account, including what happened, where it happened, how, when, and the weather, road, and traffic conditions. Injuries should also be documented in writing and with photographs. Levine recommends keeping a journal with daily descriptions of any symptoms and how they impact day-to-day activities. Evidence should be preserved—victims should not get their bicycle repaired, throw away their damaged helmet, or even wash their clothes.

Get a Case Evaluation
Bicycle accident victims should contact a skilled personal injury attorney for a case evaluation. An attorney can provide advice on how to proceed, negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of the injured party, and represent the victim in a lawsuit.

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