Attorney David S. Steingold Wins Dismissal for Client Charged with Drug and Firearm Offenses

Attorney David S. Steingold

David S. Steingold, co-founder of The Steingold & Dwyer Law Group, was recently successful in having drug and firearm charges dismissed for a client in a case (Case No. 17-002515-01-FH filed in the Third Circuit Court for the County of Wayne) where the defendant’s home was searched after five days of police allegedly observing drug-related activity. Furthermore, an allegedly substantial amount of money and drugs were confiscated after a search of the defendant’s home.

However, according to court documents, the police claimed to have observed the defendant’s girlfriend driving in an automobile that had been outfitted with a Draeger ignition interlock system, a state-of-the-art device commonly used by courts to outfit cars whose drivers are restricted due to alcohol-related arrests. It has a 24-hour working motor and takes a photograph of a person at the same time the person attempts to use the mouthpiece to blow an air sample in order to start the automobile.

Steingold, who has had the highest rating issued by Martindale-Hubbell(the preeminent company that has rated lawyers for over 75 years) for over 35 years, called the Vice President of Governmental Affairs for Draeger International, the person who developed the technology for the Draeger system. The expert testimony was that with almost 300,000 applications, there has never been an incident where there was a claim that the machine malfunctioned or allowed an alteration of the results.

Following this testimony, the officer who claimed to have seen a person driving the automobile at a time when the system allegedly showed no one had driven the automobile at all, was scheduled to testify. After consulting with an attorney about his constitutional rights, that officer declined to testify, and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office moved to dismiss the case without prejudice.

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