AppearMe Revolutionizes How Appearance Attorneys are Hired Using Its “Uber for Attorneys” Attorneys on Demand App

Appearance attorneys on demand

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AppearMe helps consumers and attorneys of record alike to find appearance attorneys for their hearing, whether the hearing is an hour from now or a month away. Gone are the days when hours and days were spent looking for the right appearance attorney. As stated by the co-founder and the CEO of the company, Armen Margarian, “With the help of AppearMe, hiring an appearance attorney can take less than a minute. Also, the pricing is clear; starting at only $70 per appearance the process is more affordable than ever before.”

The web app’s smooth navigation and user-friendly interface turn hiring an appearance attorney into a really enjoyable experience. The co-founders of the app, Armen Margarian and Hovanes Margarian, believe that lawyers, in particular, will benefit from the app. Being lawyers themselves, the co-founders acknowledge how important it is to have attorneys to go. “When you are busy with several cases and you cannot be everywhere at the same time, of course, you need a helping hand,” said Hovanes Margarian. Thus, the AppearMe app will help consumers and lawyers to avoid headaches related to finding appearance attorneys on demand.

Attorneys who have a single case scheduled at a given courthouse can use the app to pick up several more appearances for the day. This use of the app is a sure way to increase one's revenue and make a more productive day.

About AppearMe

AppearMe is a Los Angeles based startup that uses the latest in technology to help consumers and attorneys find each other in real time. Founded by two serial entrepreneurs and attorneys, the company is revolutionizing an industry that uses an outdated phone-tag method of finding a match that can take hours and sometimes days to accomplish. It’s parent company NexusLab Inc, has launched a dozen of websites and applications for various industries since 2006. In 2009 NexusLab, Inc. ranked No. 4941 in Inc5000 magazine’s “fastest growing companies in America.”

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