Announcing the Launch of the Website for the Patent Law Office, P.C.

Imagine a future where innovators can work with innovative patent lawyers through holistic IP automation tools and AI technology to make a big difference in patent cost and IP portfolio quality.

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The boutique law firm The Patent Law Office is excited to announce the launch of its new client service portal at Born in the midst of the pandemic, the firm spent the second half of 2020 architecting its I.T. processes in support of high-quality touchless provisioning of legal services to clients in a secure manner. With ingenious use of A.I. technology to assist clients and staff, the firm is able to operate cost-efficiently and responsively to client needs.

Since 1997, the people in our firm have drafted thousands of patent applications for a wide range of clients, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Over the years, we perfected our patent quality review methodology in our quest to ensure high quality patent applications, and we prosecute them to get the broadest possible claims granted in light of best licensing practices and the evolving case law. Our I.T. system embodies these best-practices to enable us to operate efficiently in light of Covid restrictions. Our attorneys utilize the most advanced AI methodology to provide superior patent prosecution services. The result is not only cost-savings for our clients, but also quality and speed in the race to file!

Start-ups and public companies alike appreciate our attentiveness to quality and cost. Clients realize that patents are not simply trophies to be mounted on patent walls, but are means for monetization or improving shareholder value. To this point, Zvi Or-Bach, President and CEO of MonolithIC 3D™ Inc. notes that "We at MonolithIC 3D been working with Bao Tran over many years. Mr. Tran was always available to help us with any patents related issue. Mr. Tran has always been very knowledgeable and efficient, and we have been very happy to have him as part of our team. We highly recommend him."

In turn, Attorney Bao Tran congratulates Mr. Or-Bach's leadership and IP licensing success: "Patents prosecuted by our staff have been licensed and/or sold to a wide range of buyers and licensees. We congratulate MonolithIC 3D™ Inc. on its recent licensing success with one of the world's largest producers of electronic devices, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, and integrated systems. Few companies can claim such success with the consolidated semiconductor industry."

Ms. Mary Kimani, Director of Plant-Grow Inc., the world’s technology leader in microbial biofertilizers, states: "Being a bio-innovation company, we have developed a platform specially designed for agricultural use to deliver a dependable technology that can improve the food supply so that future generations can live comfortably and healthy. Our products are teaming with microbes, natural occurring microscopic organisms that keep the soil alive. Through in depth research, we have successfully selected unique microbial profiles which help rejuvenate soil depleted of nutrients. Our technology is documented using the TrustyIP solutions. Our IP submissions are perfected and patented by the lawyers at the Patent Law Office, PC.. We applied last year and just received our allowance last week. Obviously we are happy with the Patent Law Office's work."

The Patent Law Office, P.C., is a leading patent preparation and prosecution firm. The firm specializes in patent prosecution, portfolio building, and patent licensing/monetization services for tech companies. The firm actively supports probono efforts and non-profit organizations to help individual inventors.

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