Animal Cruelty Is Not the Same As Animal Control; Bird-X’s Humane…

A shocking video emerged recently, in which someone intentionally drove his car over a live possum. While shocking enough on its own, the video also calls to light the fact that many people view wild animals as disposable or worthy of abuse, which is not the case. All animals, even pest animals and birds, have a place in our complex ecosystem, and should be deterred from unwanted areas with humane methods like physical barriers or ultrasonic devices.

Ultrasonic devices are extremely effective – emitting frequencies outside of human hearing range that are still heard by pest animals and birds, and irritate and confuse them enough to feel uncomfortable and vacate the treated area. Physical barriers like heavy duty netting can also keep animals and birds out of gardens, attics, and more.

Bird-X, Inc. has spent over 50 years protecting public areas from over 60 bird-spread transmissible diseases. The leading international brand of humane bird control solutions, this Chicago-based company manufactures a complete line of unique bird control products, protecting the health of humans, wildlife, and the environment by deterring birds from unwanted areas without harming them.

For information on any of Bird-X’s humane pest control products, please call customer service at (800) 662-5021.

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