Allen Barron, Inc. Implements S-Corporation Concierge Services

If you are a shareholder in an S-Corporation or a single owner/shareholder in an S-Corporation, our new S-Corporation concierge services will be of interest to you.

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Allen Barron, Inc., an integrated tax, legal, accounting and business advisory service provider, recently implemented concierge legal services for S-Corporation shareholders.

“If you are a shareholder in an S-Corporation or a single owner/shareholder in an S-Corporation, our new S-Corporation concierge services will be of interest to you,” said tax attorney Janathan L. Allen, of Allen Barron, Inc. “The remarkable changes in the recent corporate tax reform present opportunities for some, challenges for others. In addition, S-Corporation shareholders face additional scrutiny from IRS and California tax examiners and an increased audit risk due to the nature of an S-Corporation.”

Allen Barron helps its S-Corporation shareholder clients enact strategies to maximize retained earnings, while reducing tax burden and the likelihood of a California or IRS tax audit. Its new S-Corporation concierge service provides a single-source solution to many issues facing shareholders in today’s ever-changing business climate.

“We work with our S-Corporation shareholders to establish firm goals for any dispute and implement proven strategies designed to efficiently and effectively accomplish those goals,” noted Allen.

Allen Barron S-Corporation shareholder concierge clients can bring any legal, tax, accounting, dispute or litigation issue to the table and know that it will be expertly handled by the firm’s integrated business professionals. It provides sound counsel that helps S-Corporation shareholders maximize business opportunity and income while minimizing the impact of taxation and reducing or eliminating the likelihood of a dispute or litigation.

“S-Corporation Concierge clients value our expert tax preparation, business advice, legal services and the ability to resolve any dispute or leverage any business opportunity with the support of Allen Barron’s integrated business solutions,” concluded Allen.

About Janathan L. Allen, APC, Allen Barron, Inc.
The law practice of Janathan L. Allen, APC provides insightful business, legal and tax-related services for San Diego and U.S. businesses which require experienced and insightful counsel in order to remain competitive in an ever-changing U.S. and global business environment. The firm helps clients to assess the impact of changes in U.S. business law, tax codes and regulatory requirements, in addition to legal services such as business contract, business formation, employment and operational legal services. When combined with the business advisory, accounting and tax preparation services of Allen Barron, the firm provides a single-source business partner resulting in a more extensive and valuable advisory and service offering while leveraging economies of scale. For more information, please call (866) 631-3470 or visit Its main offices are located at 16745 West Bernardo Drive, Suite 260, San Diego, CA 92127.

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