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Blue Umbrella, a leading provider of disruptive compliance technologies, today announced that Allan Matheson, its CEO, has been appointed to the board of Lefebvre Sarrut, a French company specializing in value-added legal publishing and enterprise training services across Europe with more than €500 million revenue annually. Allan Matheson will be contributing his valuable experience in crafting technology products for the global compliance industry to a company with a rich history and strong client relationships.

“I am pleased to be appointed to the board of Lefebvre Sarrut and take it as a great honour. As a pioneer in compliance technology through my experience leading Blue Umbrella, I will be able to assist as Lefebvre Sarrut crafts its technology-centric approach to modernizing a traditional business. Furthermore, as Blue Umbrella continues to grow its presence and client base in Europe, my involvement with this organization will allow us to more intimately understand the unique challenges facing compliance professionals in this region.”

About Blue Umbrella
Blue Umbrella is a leading provider of due diligence research and innovative third-party compliance technologies. Combining global research excellence with disruptive RegTech SaaS solutions, Blue Umbrella serves multinational corporations working in technology, manufacturing, life sciences, defense/aerospace, agriculture, energy, finance, and consumer goods as well as top-tier investment banks. With a global presence and local focus, Blue Umbrella helps compliance teams increase automation and efficiency, reduce costs, and gain critical understanding of their clients and third parties. Learn more at

About Lefebvre Sarrut
The Lefebvre Sarrut Group is the leader in France in value-added services in the legal and tax markets. A trusted third party and partner to its customers, the Group markets a unified information, documentation and training offering. Lefebvre Sarrut targets all public and private professionals, businesses and committees, whether in the legal, human resources or financial management sectors. The Group is established in eight countries, with 2,600 employees in Europe and a turnover of €500M in 2018.

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