After Being eIDAS Compliant, DLA Piper Also Confirms Legal Compliancy…

“Connective eSignatures is an exciting solution providing multiple electronic signature capabilities to be used globally.” - Margo Tank, partner at DLA Piper

United States: US eCommerce Laws

In the US, the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) are applicable to electronic signatures and transactions. Collectively they are referred to as the US eCommerce Laws.

In order to verify the compliancy of the Connective eSignatures solution with the set-out rules and requirements in these laws, the customer journey utilizing the solution was analyzed by DLA Piper. Margo Tank and David Whitaker, partners at DLA Piper and well-known practitioners in this field, discuss how Connective eSignatures are able to meet the definition of an electronic signature under the US eCommerce Laws, if properly configured. Subsequently they compare the key functions with the requirements of the law. Margo and David concluded that Connective eSignatures complies with the requirements for electronic signatures as they are defined under the US eCommerce Laws.

“Connective eSignatures is an exciting solution providing multiple electronic signature
capabilities to be used globally” , concludes Margo Tank, partner at DLA Piper.

This will boost Connective´s vision to expand their digital signatures offering towards the global market and become a worldwide leader.

Nicolas Metivier, CEO of Connective, states: “As legal compliance is one of the main concerns of the market when looking for a digital signatures solution, we wanted to be completely transparent and provide our customers and prospects with an objective legal proof of our Connective eSignatures solution towards the US and even global market. After becoming TSP, we deemed DLA Piper as the most appropriate firm to do so as the firm’s attorneys participated in the creation of UETA & ESIGN Act. We can firmly answer ‘yes’, should anyone ask if Connective eSignatures is compliant with European and American legislation.”

Previous to the UETA and eSIGN ACT assessment, DLA piper proved the compliancy of Connective eSignatures with the eIDAS Regulation. In practice they wrote a legal opinion and analysed each available type of signature (.beID, DNI Electronico, Luxtrust, BankID, biometric, itsme®,iDIN,...) that Connective is offering on the market towards the eIDAS classification (basic, advanced, qualified). Offering multiple advanced and qualified signature methods based on public and private identity initiatives is what differentiates Connective in the market.

Legal validity of Connective eSignatures is a proven fact

With the conclusion of DLA Piper, Connective´s clients and prospects can safely and legally continue the deployment of Connective eSignatures solution to other continents being certain that the solution complies with the most stringent regulations in the world (European eIDAS and American UETA and eSign Act).

Nicolas Metivier proudly concludes: “We are extremely proud to tell our solution does meet all the requirements and is therefore legally valid. Especially as the assessment was conducted by experts, who are closely involved as counsels with the respective laws. We couldn’t wish for better proof.”

About Connective
Connective, founded in 2014, has rapidly become a reference in the field of Digital Transaction Management (combining: digital identity, smart document generation and digital signatures). The ScaleUp offers solutions to digitize document-driven processes and easily sign documents digitally. Companies such as BNP Paribas, ING Bank, AG Insurance, Belgian Mobile ID (Itsme®), Nuon, Talentsoft, Toyota, Engie, Ramsay, Grant Thornton, DELA, Pirelli, Bank Delen and many others firmly believe in the solution offered by Connective. The company counts more than 50 employees and has its HQ in Antwerp (BE) and subsidiaries in Amsterdam (NL) and Paris (FR). More information on

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