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Advanced Depositions is committed to building on our reputation for delivering both the highest level of service and the technologies that drive our services.

Advanced Depositions, a national leader in deposition and litigation services, today announced several exciting personnel additions at its West Coast headquarters, as a result of the Company’s continued growth. Key among the additions, Stacey Mayer has joined Advanced Depositions as Operations Manager, and Malia Ralph and Reece Lewis have joined the company as Directors of Business Development. Jeff Eastin has been promoted to Sr. Vice President of Sales, and Lisa Censullo, was recently retained as Chief Operating Officer, rounding out the Company’s growing leadership team.

Since acquiring Advanced Depositions and its predecessors nearly seven years ago, John Anderson, a Southern California native and the Company’s CEO, has focused on building a client-centric culture by delivering personalized services and quality products. “I’m excited for the future of Advanced Depositions,” said Anderson. “Our growing, deeply experienced leadership team, is focused on providing unmatched service and the best technology offerings.”

In her role as Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Censullo will focus on mergers and acquisitions, as well as systems and process implementation, strategic planning, product development, and project management, on a national basis. Ms. Mayer, Operations Manager for the West Coast, will oversee every aspect of day-to-day operations, ensuring that clients, court reporters, and staff all benefit from Advanced Deposition’s commitment to delivering unparalleled service. Ms. Censullo and Ms. Mayer each have approximately 20 years of industry experience, and both previously held senior management positions with large national service providers.

A 25-year veteran in legal services, Mr. Eastin has been with Advanced Depositions since shortly after its inception. In his new role, Mr. Eastin will help lead the sales team, continue to represent Advanced Depositions in the marketplace and ensure that the Company’s clients receive the highest level of service.

Advanced Depositions also announced that Malia Ralph and Reece Lewis have joined the Company. Ms. Ralph spent several years as a Regional Litigation Consultant with a major deposition services provider. A graduate of the USC Marshall School of Business, she brings industry experience and a strong work ethic to Advanced Depositions. Mr. Lewis is a twelve-year veteran in the deposition and legal services industry, having held positions with top service providers. Mr. Lewis has a history of volunteer and charity commitments. In their roles as Directors of Business Development, Ms. Ralph and Mr. Lewis will work to ensure clients receive the white-glove service they have come to expect from Advanced Depositions.

“Advanced Depositions is committed to building on our reputation for delivering both the highest level of service and the technologies that drive our services. The additions to our team exemplify the top-rate talent and experience that will help us continue to grow and succeed,” said Anderson. “Our court reporters are the backbone of our success, and we are excited as we move forward with our industry-leading team of talented reporters and other client-facing team members.”

About Advanced Depositions
Advanced Depositions is a national, technology-focused legal services provider. The company provides its clients with highly-skilled court reporters, videographers, interpreters, technicians, and other resources, while combining the most advanced technologies with unparalleled client service, and state-of-the-art facilities throughout the country and around the globe. Advanced Depositions takes a consultative approach with its clients, ensuring they always receive the best personnel, technology, and support, within a cost-efficient budget. Advanced Depositions’ predecessor was founded over 35 years ago. The company maintains headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, Irvine, CA and Atlanta, GA.

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