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Golf courses are luxurious spaces for people to meet, relax, play a round of golf, or concentrate and improve their game. This picture can quickly disappear if your golf course has a pest bird problem. The last thing your members and visitors want is to find a hissing goose between them and their ball.

Golf courses with ponds and lakes can find themselves with aggressive geese and swans, those by the ocean can experience problems with gulls, and even those without either often experience problematic corvids. If your members or employees have started experiencing problems with your local bird population, it is time to install bird control devices. Here are five reasons your golf course needs effective bird control:

1.    Aggressive Large Birds Can Ruin a Visit
Geese are a common problem for golf courses all over the world, and they’ve got a reputation for being particularly aggressive and territorial. Your patrons won’t appreciate their game being interrupted by a hissing, flapping goose who decides to make their next hole his home.

2.    Prevent Damage to the Greens
Many golf course owners and managers report problems with corvids and magpies pecking the greens to find food. This can leave unsightly patches of bare ground that is uneven and can cause problems for golfers.

3.    Maintain a Level of Luxury
While most people will find the noise of songbirds endearing, the constant screaming of crows, rooks, and other large birds is certainly less so. Finding your ball or shoes covered in goose droppings may be enough to turn visitors off a return visit, or at least warrant a complaint. When you effectively deter geese, ducks, and other large birds you’ll have much happier customers.

4.    Maintain a Safe Environment
You have a duty to maintain a level of safety for your staff, members, and visitors, and bird droppings put their safety at jeopardy. Bird droppings, especially those of the large birds that frequent golf courses, are slip-and-fall hazards and may lead to injury and even a lawsuit if you aren’t careful.
Another safety hazard to be aware of is the pathogens found in bird feces. In certain birds, 60-100 pathogens can be found that can pose a serious risk to human health. Stomach viruses and respiratory infections can occur after contact with bird droppings.

5.    Maintain a Reputation as a Course that Cares
A lack of destructive and noisy birds will give your customers the relaxing time on the range they were looking for. They want to get away from their busy lives for a while as they improve their game and enjoy time alone, with friends, or colleagues; and that simply won’t be possible with bird droppings everywhere, divots in the green, and noisy calls of corvids. You’ll stand out from the competition as a course that strives to give their customers the best.    

If you’re interested in finding out more about bird control devices for your golf course, you can see our wide range or contact us for help with your individual situation by clicking here.

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