5 Benefits of Bird Control for Warehouses

If there’s a way for birds to get into your warehouse, they’ll find it. They love the big open roofs, small spaces to roost in, and support struts to sit on. The problem is, once they’ve found their way inside it becomes very difficult to evict them from their new home, and their presence puts your workers, merchandise, and customers at risk of contamination and even disease.
If you’ve got a lot of ground to cover bird control products may not be an expense you want to cover. To help you decide whether you need to make the investment, here are 5 benefits of bird control for warehouses:

1. Stop the Build Up of Waste
Bird waste can quickly become a major problem, so it’s important you tackle this problem as soon as possible once you’ve noticed it. While one or two birds may not seem like a problem, if they breed or show other birds to their new safe place, you may soon be overwhelmed. Employing bird control products will effectively deter and prevent these birds from living in your warehouses and becoming a health and safety problem.

2.     Prevent Damage to Property
Birds are surprisingly good at damaging property, especially in large numbers. They’ll often nest in places that can damage equipment, rip insulation and other soft materials from pipes, roofs, and walls to make their nests. Air conditioning units are especially vulnerable and are costly to repair and replace.

3.     Prevent Other Infestations
Pest birds often create an environment where other pests can breed. Flies, beetles, and even fleas have been found in areas of bird infestation. If there are nesting birds in your warehouse, you’ll be inundated with not only droppings all over the warehouse as the birds clean their nests, but half-dead or wingless flies and bugs walking around beneath the nests as they are surprisingly inefficient at feeding their babies.

4. Project a Professional Image
Even if you don’t allow your clients to visit your warehouses, all businesses have outside contractors, inspectors, and visitors to their warehouses from time to time. If they come and find that your warehouse has more birds than stock, or even fall victim to a bird defecating overhead, you won’t look like a business who cares.

5. Give Your Employees an Enjoyable and Safe Space to Work
No one deserves to work in an environment where they are at constant risk of being defecated on, or worse, contract an illness from one of the 100 pathogens feral pigeons and other birds carry. There are numerous respiratory issues that can result from contact with bird feces. If an employee becomes sick because you failed to protect them, they would have a good case to sue you.

If you are interested in finding out about the bird control devices available to you, check out Bird-X to see the wide range of bird control products.

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