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Where there are people, there are animals, and in the cases of cities and municipalities, this often means pests. Homeowners often have to deal with ants and other invasive pests, but for the city or municipality at large, the biggest pest is often birds.

Birds are beautiful high up in the sky or hopping through bushes in parks, but if they arrive or breed in large enough numbers they can pose a risk to property and people’s health. Bird control is an important aspect of maintaining safe and enjoyable public spaces, but just in case you aren’t convinced, here are four benefits of prioritizing bird control in your city or municipality.

1.    Avoid Damage to Property
Large numbers of roosting birds or nesting birds often cause property damage as they move around, build their nests, and defecate. Their feces are acidic and can damage paint, steel, signage, and other property that is costly to replace. They will also eat seeds you put down in grassy green areas.

2.    Protect Your Residents
Bird droppings are unsightly and unpleasant for people to be near, but they are also hazardous to come into contact with. Feral pigeons, for example, carry over 100 pathogens in their waste that can cause numerous health problems, from respiratory infections to stomach viruses and more. Controlling the number of birds in your municipality, especially in public spaces, will greatly reduce or even eliminate this risk.

3.    Encourage the Local Economy
If you look after local shopping areas allowing them to become accidental bird sanctuaries will deter local residents from making the journey. Bird waste and too many low-flying birds will stop many people from going to look at the stores, and if you live somewhere near a lake or the coast, you may be dealing with larger birds. Large birds like geese, gulls, and pelicans can be territorial, aggressive, and sometimes frightening to people, and must be kept out of central shopping areas.

4.    Bird Control Solutions are Affordable and Permanent
One of the benefits of prioritizing bird control is that receiving the benefits of bird control solutions are simple and affordable. Many problem areas can be solved simply with physical barriers such as bird spikes and netting, which only need to be installed once for a long term solution. These barriers will deter and prevent birds from roosting on ledges and fences and persuades them to go elsewhere. Ultrasonic bird repellers are a great solution for areas where physical barriers aren’t practical.

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