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Brian Jennings, Owner and President of CSI: “The combination of CSI and 12th Tech provides our clients new flexibility to deploy a combination of physical site audits with dealer self-audits or clearing audits to enhance risk mitigation efforts while lowering average per audit costs.”

12th Tech, Inc. and Collateral Specialist Inc. (CSI) today announces CSI and 12th Tech are revolutionizing the floor plan audit process by making 12th Tech’s new Real-Time Intelligent (RTI) Auditing System™ available to the wholesale finance industry throughout the United States and Canada. The combined solution delivers a sophisticated, cloud-based and mobile auditing system with one of the premier independent auditing services in the country.

12th Tech’s new globally scalable system combines exceptional capabilities for real-time auditing and field communication through mobile networks to enable CSI to seamlessly support traditional third-party audits or in-house teams, dealer self-audits, or electronic asset identification. The RTI Auditing System enables dealer self-audits and Dealer Clearing Audits to complement physical audits leading to enhanced audit frequency, more effective risk mitigation, and decreased average per audit costs.

“CSI and our all-employee audit team have successfully delivered the highest quality auditing services to the market for more than 25 years, and now we are enhancing our capabilities by providing our customers with access to 12th Techs innovative, flexible, and robust Real-Time Auditing System,” states Brian Jennings, Owner and President of Collateral Specialist Inc. “The combination of CSI and 12th Tech provides our clients new flexibility to deploy a combination of physical site audits with dealer self-audits or clearing audits to enhance risk mitigation efforts while lowering average per audit costs.”

Mark Abrams, CEO and Founder of 12th Tech, saw the need for a robust, flexible, mobile, and easy-to-use auditing system that supports multiple auditing methodologies for clients and service providers. “CSI is one of the premier auditing service providers with proven expertise and industry-leading clients throughout North America. We are very excited to be working with CSI to enable them to bring enhanced auditing capabilities to their existing and new clients,” states Abrams.

Kinetic Advantage is one of the industry’s fastest growing independent finance companies and is utilizing both 12th Tech’s innovative Real-Time Auditing System and CSI’s auditing services to help provide their dealers with an overall superior client experience. Joe Keadle, Senior Vice President of Corporate Operations at Kinetic Advantage, states, “The combination of 12th Tech and CSI enables us to choose the best auditing method while also helping our dealers streamline and optimize their auditing processes. 12th Tech’s leading Real-Time Intelligent Auditing System increases the quality and quantity of the audit data, while CSI provides us a great team of auditing professionals who help us ensure a high quality and consistent audit experience for our dealers. The wizard-based mobile audit capabilities are optimized across phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop devices, offering our clients the ability to focus on their operational needs, while we streamline the audit process through this industry-leading technology.”

The 12th Tech Real-Time Auditing system is now available through CSI and CSI is now starting deployment to new and existing clients throughout the United States and Canada.

About 12th Tech
12th Tech (http://www.12thtech.com/) is revolutionizing risk management and mitigation with its Real-Time Intelligent (RTI) Auditing system, providing innovative technology to support traditional in-house or third-party audits as well as enable dealer self-audits, automated Dealer Clearing Audits, electronic asset identification, and enhanced real-time auditing and reporting. 12th Tech’s RTI Auditing System dramatically reduces auditing costs and intelligently helps mitigate risk - allowing Finance Companies to finally have the choice to utilize the best auditing methods across their portfolio. Our robust, scalable, and adaptive solution leverages the latest technology advances and builds on a foundation of more than 20 years of experience providing auditing technology solutions to the financing industry. The 12th Tech team is dedicated to providing the world’s best auditing system--both now and the future--to ensure our clients’ success.

About Collateral Specialists, Inc (CSI)
Collateral Specialists Inc. (http://www.csina.com/) has over 25 years of experience providing banks, financial companies, manufacturers and other captive groups the inspection and reporting expertise required to verify their collateral. Founded in 1995 by James Jennings, the company is now led by Brian Jennings. With over 500 employees in all 50 states backed by 5 offices across the country, CSI has one of the largest and most experienced auditing teams across the country. CSI is available to assist lenders across multiple industries including automobiles, agricultural equipment, construction machinery, recreational vehicles, marine products, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.


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